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This Is How You Grow Up And Get A Big Brain

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Kids always say the darnedest things, but by the time they start growing up so quickly, you miss the day they were blabbering all evening long about the phenomenal day they just had. This after you have arrived home from work so doggone tired. You miss your growing kids so much because, get this, even though they’re still in your house, you hardly ever see them, if you’re lucky enough to see them at all. And these days, they all want their private space, don’t they.

But you went along with it, because you thought it could help in their development as young adults. So, this is what you see, each and every time you pass sadly by your son’s bedroom door. Keep Out! In no uncertain terms. Under no circumstances do not disturb. Do not knock and enter at your own risk. You wonder to yourself sometimes what the kid is hiding behind closed doors. But then you hear the noise. It’s ingratiating at times and you can never miss it.

Crash! Boom! Thunder! And a whole host of expletives, you wonder where your child got those from. Only, it’s not him that’s uttering those offensive words. It’s those fan dangled video games. You wonder when your kid will really grow up. But maybe it’s time you do the growing up. The kid’s been watching you all this time, you see. In the natural order of things, he’s even come to emulate you, even though you spend most of your quality time on the couch. So consider a few big brain games in the true spirit of being an adult and setting a fine example for the son in your life who only wishes to be like his dad.