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The Many Benefits of Art & Music for Students

Children exposed to music and art in school receive a plethora of benefits that others do not. There’s a great non-profit called SingForHope.org that aims to help kids thrive while developing appreciation for art and music. This organization spreads words of hope and encouragement to students who need it most while helping ensure deserving students receive the education that can enhance their lives and take their learning to new heights.

Art & Music Benefits

Students of all ages benefit from art and music education. Among the benefits offered to students include:

  • Music and art help children exceed in other areas of their life, whether helping them learn how to multi-task, differentiate different notes, or use eyes and ears simultaneously to learn
  • Language development is yet another area in which children who take music and art thrive in their natural speaking abilities. In fact, the Children’s Music Workshop reports that studies conclude music development can be seen in the left side of the child’s developing brain
  • The University of Toronto at Mississauga published a report in the Psychological Science publication in 2004 that found increased IQs of six-year-old patients who took weekly piano lessons or singing lessons.
  • Children who study art and music have brains that work harder than students who aren’t studying music or art
  • Children involved in arts are creative, free-thinkers who are intellectually more developed than their peers

Music and art are beneficial for children of all ages. The benefits are studied, researched, and proven. If you want to do something great in this world, helping ensure all students have equal access to these programs is important. The benefits listed here are only a handful of the many a child receives when music education is under their belt.